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I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON. I forgot to post about this, and then it came up on iTunes and I realised I hadn't told anyone about it. I'M SORRY. This is SO GREAT.

A podfic of Thereafter You Have It (And Tango Makes Three) by [ profile] fleurrochard!

This is so delightful, and so great to listen to. I love it. &Annabel;

Summary: Baby!fic. As harriet_vane succinctly put it, the almost true story of how Brendon's an idiot, Spencer brings Brendon shiny rocks, and no one gets any sleep. Or, alternatively, the one in which Brendon accidentally gets a girl pregnant, decides he wants to be a dad, and pretends like he's not in love with Spencer.

"Hey, baby girl," Brendon says, softly. He thinks he should have thought of something more profound to welcome his daughter in to the world.

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I have been shockingly bad at keeping on top of things the last couple of months, so I hereby apologise for letting some of these things slide for so long. BUT: podfics.

(I love podfics)

1. Patrick Stump's Strip Joint, or The One Where They're All Strippers Apart From Patrick Who Has Taken Up Handicrafts (Not Like That), read by [ profile] reena_jenkins. [story]
pre-Brendon/Spencer, pre-Pete/Patrick

Summary: The one where they're all (pretty terrible) strippers, Patrick owns the strip joint, and his therapist has suggested he take up a hobby.

2. Consensual Non-Monogamy, or: The One Where Spencer Hates Everybody, read by [ profile] reena_jenkins. [story]
Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie/Jon Walker

Summary: It was all Brendon's fault; he had wowed them all with the idea of orgasms and clearly their dicks had done the rest of the thinking.

GO FORTH. <33333
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I have been missing in action, and have therefore been very remiss in not posting about the fact that there is podfic to be had. I apologise for being tardy with this! Real life has been particularly real recently.

ANYWAY. [ profile] jenepel and [ profile] knight_tracer have both recorded versions of the rugby fic, and have released (is released the wrong word? I AM TIRED) them simultaneously.

It is a really interesting project to be involved in, the simultaneous recordings of the same story, and for me what's really interesting is getting to hear the different ways people interpret the same text. Mostly it has me going ♥____♥ at the laptop.

These ladies are both lovely, online and irl, and you should go download and listen to both their versions. ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: You Can Sit Beside Me (When The World Comes Down)
Author: [ profile] sunsetmog
Fandom: Bandom, Panic! At the Disco
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Spencer had barely even heard of rugby when he tried out for the team. It was just a way of killing time until Ryan was done with his stupid school magazine. Helping Ryan sift through the lame emo poetry submissions was only funny the first few times. But their west-coast prep school doesn't play soccer or football, so the rugby team turns out to be the coolest thing around, and suddenly Spencer's the school's most popular player. Then Spencer meets Brendon, and everything changes.
High school rugby AU.

You can find [ profile] jenepel's version here and [ profile] knight_tracer's version here.

And for those people waiting for the last chapter of The Holiday, I can only apologise. RL turned up and wouldn't go away again. Fic is on its way.
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Before I forget!

[ profile] fire_juggler has made a podfic of (You're the) Frosting on my Cupcake (LJ | AO3).

Summary: Based loosely on this romance novel blurb: Brendon Urie would call himself an ordinary guy. Spencer Smith would call him stupidly hot, if he weren't about to destroy Brendon's career. A rich, successful journalist and food critic, Spencer aims to write a scathing review of Brendon's little muffin and cupcake shop. He never mixes business with pleasure. But the secrets Brendon's keeping intrigue Spencer, and his naivety has caught Spencer off guard. He's entranced with the little muffin cupcake shop and his neighbour Jon's coffee shop.

What's happened to him? He's being ridiculous! The Christmas-coated town has gone to his head. Spencer's best friend, literary critic Ryan Ross, thinks that the small-town boy has unlocked the city slicker's heart.

...Yeah, this is kind of but not quite that story.

You can find download links at her post here.

And part fourteen of The Holiday is up! I just forgot to post it here. /o\ I think it has two (or possibly three at the most) parts left.

Summary: In which it looks like snow, Avril Lavigne features rather more than Spencer would like, and Brendon has an unfortunate off-screen encounter with a bat.

LJ | AO3.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Monday morning.
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I am sure I am going to forget things, but fingers crossed I've caught everything.



I received Triolisme by Lisztful [Downton Abbey; Sybil / Branson; Sybil / Branson / Gwen]

When Sybil and Branson leave for Ireland, they do not go alone. This is what happens, after.

Eeeeeeeeee! This is the story of my heart. This is basically the story that [ profile] katie__pillar and I used to email each other after every episode. Sybil and Branson leave to be together, and Gwen comes with them. LOVELY.

I wrote Belle Etoile for Kali. [Jilly Cooper novels, specifically Appassionata; Marcus Campbell Black / Alexei Nemerovsky; Taggie Campbell Black / Rupert Campbell Black; Rupert Campbell Black / Lysander Hawkley (sort of)]

After discharging himself from hospital and playing at the Appleton Piano Competition, Marcus wants nothing more than to go to Alexei.

After soliciting Rupert's help to get to the airport, Marcus is terrified in case Alexei isn't there to meet him in Moscow, and Rupert does his best not to show his despair at both winning and losing a son in the same day.

Set post-Appassionata.

This is the smallest fandom I've ever written for in Yuletide, or perhaps ever. Before Yuletide there wasn't a single piece of fic I could find anywhere, but now there are two. Hurray \o/ I read Appassionata waaaaaaaay before I found fandom, and my copy falls open in the parts where Marcus and Alexei fall in love, I read them so often. They have a happy ending and they're referred to in the following books, but they don't ever get a lead role again. You also get to see how strong the odd friendship between Lysander and Rupert is, and how strong Rupert and Taggie's relationship is - they get a happy ending in the second book, and get to be happy allllllllll the way through the subsequent books, day-to-day quibbles aside. So I got to write about all of those things, and it was fun. ♥

[ profile] bandomstuffsit:

I received the wonderful, wonderful Better Days by [ profile] cloudlessclimes on my birthday, no less. [Brendon/Spencer, frank discussion of drug use]

Spencer's fine. Really he is. He just needs a little something to take the edge off. Until Brendon finds out.

Seriously, broken!Spencer is one of my very favourite things to read about. I love it, so long as they fix him. This story caters to that so very, very well. I will read and re-read this. ♥

I wrote the times, they are a-changing, or: a modern marriage of convenience [Brendon/Spencer, contains spanking and some d/s]

Dallon has a suggestion: Brendon and Spencer are both single at Christmas, so they should hook up with each other.

I think this one was so obviously mine it probably had a neon sign from space above it. As my recipient dropped out I don't feel bad saying that I struggled with stuffsit this year - I wrote 15k of the story I'm currently posting - The Holiday - but it became very clear that story was mushrooming outside of something that could be finished in time for deadline (I still haven't finished it /o\), and it didn't quite fit the prompts. I ended up having to abandon that one and write this one in a couple of days. I couldn't say on the post, but I can't thank [ profile] fictionalaspect enough for her last minute beta and edits.


OH GOSH, PODFICS. ♥ I love podfics.

[ profile] greedy_dancer podficced Adventures in Solitude (we thought we lost you). [Brendon/Spencer]

It's Christmas Eve, and Spencer Smith is not endearing himself to his staff. He's banned decorations, informed his PA that Starbucks red cups aren't welcome in the office, and refused to close early for the holidays. A sort-of Christmas Carol AU.

EEEE [ profile] greedy_dancer has the most adorable accent, and this is wonderful.

[ profile] knight_tracer podficced If You Stay by [ profile] reni_days for me for my birthday, and as this is one of my favourite stories, I couldn't have been happier.

Uh. Idk, the original title of this doc was "The Accidental Un-Divorce Fic." =D?

♥ ♥ ♥ !!! ♥

And [ profile] knight_tracer has also been podficcing Sea Change over the past few months, and now it is complete, and I have hearts for eyes.

After getting his heart broken, Spencer tries to start a new life without the band. This has a happy ending, I swear.

I love, love, love transformative works. LOVE.


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I did that thing today where I started spring cleaning and now everything is a mess and I've run out of energy. BAH HUMBUG. Maybe I should put The Muppet Christmas Carol on in the background and get back into it. I've just stopped for a cup of tea and a mince pie, which seems fairly reasonable to me.

Anyway, the lovely [ profile] knight_tracer has started posting her podfic of Sea Change, and she's posting it here. I love that she's reading this story, and I am listening to it as we speak. If you like podfics then you should check it out, and leave her some love. ♥

(Sea Change, in case you are like me and never remember which title goes with which fic, is the one in which the word file on my computer was called Spencer-in-Seattle, and the summary goes like this: After getting his heart broken, Spencer tries to start a new life without the band.)

AND, while we are talking about excellent people doing excellent transformative works, I have a giant apology to make, since this artwork was brought to my attention ages ago, and then I left it open in a tab on my old computer ready to post, and then I got my new laptop (where the usb ports work and the battery works and all of the buttons work and I can use it without an external keyboard and mouse) and... well, I forgot to go back and check there was anything saved in a tab that I needed. So... this is way later than it should have been, and I'm sorry for being such a failboat, but omggggggg look at the rugby!verse Spencer artwork that [ profile] light_is_spent created here and here.

My eyes, they are full of hearts. Hearts. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

...someone once made me rugby fic icons and I'm buggered if I know what I did with them. Crap, I really am the failiest of the faily, sometimes. /o\
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The lovely [ profile] knight_tracer has podficced two of my stories. ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: Blowjobs Not Included
Author: [ profile] sunsetmog
Reader: [ profile] knight_tracer
Fandom: Bandom - Panic! at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Runtime: 17:47
Summary: In which Brendon gets injured, Spencer freaks out, and there is beer.

Download links here.

Title: This is how it goes
Author: [ profile] sunsetmog
Reader: [ profile] knight_tracer
Fandom: Bandom - Panic! at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon/Jon/Spencer
Rating: adult
Runtime: 22:13
Summary: Jon doesn't even know if he can call it a break up; they were only ever fucking around so he's pretty sure that they don't get to call what it is that they do breaking up.

Download links here.


Here is a hedgehog taking a bath.


Spencer's facebook message. ♥ ♥ ♥
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[ profile] pennyplainknits has done a wonderful podfic recording of If Music be the Food of Love (I'll Have the Veggie Burger) [Brendon/Spencer, R, 42k / 4.5 hours, Oblivious High School Failboats in Love, or, Brendon Urie: The High School Years.]. You can download it here at [ profile] pennyplainknits's journal.

It is wonderful. WONDERFUL, I tell you. The reading is interspersed with music all the way through, and that makes it even more perfect. Penny has talked more about her music choices here.

LOVE, omg, LOVE. ♥ ♥ ♥
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This week has been crap! Here are some not-crap things:

1. A Dom/Brian fanvid:

Fast and the Furious: franchise of my heart )

2. [ profile] fictionalaspect has written a sequel to More Adventurous, which is one of my favourite h/c fics and one of my favourite high school fics, so the sequel's very existence is made of magic and joy. Go read:

We Built Ourselves a Fire [Brendon/Spencer, NC-17. 6500 words.]

3. Podfics! I LOVE PODFICS. Love. And here are three of them. I wanted to wait until I'd listened to them but at the moment I can't get new stuff on to my iPod and my computer is dying and both of those are crap things and podfics are AWESOME things, so I am sharing.

  • Burning Love, read by [ profile] knight_tracer. Original text here [Brendon/Spencer, PG-13]
    High School era AU, in which Brendon hasn't ever auditioned for Panic. Spencer meets Brendon when he's stuck playing triangle at Jeffrey and Ada's fiftieth wedding anniversary party.

  • Just Another, read by [ profile] knight_tracer. Original text here [Brendon/Spencer]
    Woke-up-married!fic. Spencer wishes he remembered the actual getting married part of marrying Brendon.

  • The One Where They're All... Ducks?, read by [ profile] diane_mckay. Original text here. [Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey, featuring Panic as ducklings]
    Gerard's feathers brushed Frank's beak. "Quack," Gerard said, for want of something better to say.

I love podfics a ridiculous amount, and I love that people want to read my stuff, and honestly, these make me very happy indeed. Thank you, guys. ♥ ♥ ♥

4. I just finished reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruin Zafon, and I loved every single second of it. Loved.

5. I can't decide whether to have a banana or hot chocolate. I could push the boat out and have both. But finally! A poll. Polls are always fun.

[Poll #1749978]

6. I am trying to do the final read through of my big bang, but The West Wing is proving too tempting.
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Firstly, this picture does funny things to my insides and I don't know why, but I imagine it's got something to do with the fic that is taking over my LIFE this week. I'm sorry, guys. I'm relatively sure that everybody who wants to read it has already seen the draft, but I'm having such fun writing it that I'm going to inflict it upon you all at some point anyway. /o\ [ profile] katie__pillar has summed up the general feeling towards it, I think, by stating that she won't be reading it but she will be loling at the summary, which I think is potentially the best way to sum up this particular Brendon/Spencer/Zack fic.


Maybe it's the hoodie, idk. HOT DAMN SPENCER SMITH is my general feeling on it, anyway.

Secondly, [ profile] knight_tracer is AWESOME, and she has podficced my story About a Girl [girl!Brendon/girl!Spencer, teenage lesbians!] and you can find her podfic here. She sent me the draft version and I was SO EXCITED waiting to hear the final version, you have no idea. So go forth and download if podfics are your thing!

I, personally, am a podfic addict. I even listened to that one where someone awkwardly faked an orgasm, complete with UH UH UH noises, in my ear as I was going around Sainsbury's, which was an experience I won't forget anytime soon. I've still listened to it more than once, too, since I like the story even though the loud, faked orgasms tend to send me into paroxysms of second hand embarrassment. I won't name the fandom or the fic, poor girl, but there is something to be said for not actually making the orgasm noises as you're reading the text. Trust me, your listener will appreciate it. /o\

I have a million emails in my inbox I am behind on, so if yours is one of those then I apologise wholeheartedly and I will get on to that soon, I promise.

And lastly, since these are some of those nice things that come about every now and again, here is my thread in the latest love meme. You could even link me to yours if you would care to. :D?


Lastly LASTLY, I have just finished rereading The Chalet School At War, which was one of my favourite books growing up, but now every single time I hear the title in my head I sing THE CHALET SCHOOL'S AT WAAAAAAAAAR, LA LA LA LA LA to myself. Cobra Starship: turning things weird day after day. I've also just finished The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy, and that's one of the most grimly disturbing books I've read in a while. I made this face on the train the whole time I was reading it and I actually couldn't help myself, it was so grim. >:(((((((((((((((( Spectacular writing though, awful disturbingness aside.


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