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It's possible my heart-eyes can be seen from space.

Brendon and Sarah's wedding, or: an exercise in how invested I am in the happiness of people I don't even know )

In closing: I am really ridiculously happy for them. /invested.
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Tonight has been rubbish! And nobody wants to go to bed tearful and overwrought, so I am drinking options caramel hot chocolate, watching dinnerladies, and posting the panic-related contents of my lj scrapbook. I feel this is an excellent life plan. I am strongly of the opinion that it is impossible to be truly sad when there are 60+ pictures of Brendon and Spencer through the ages.

(And if anyone wants to talk to me about fic, then that will also be welcomed. :D)

Panic! at that there discotheque )

♥ ♥ ♥
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Darting in before bed.

Title: Teenage Dream
Author: [ profile] sunsetmog
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 8,100
Warnings: Characters are seventeen. A lot of panties and lip gloss.
Notes: Beta by [ profile] hermette. Thank you, bb <33

Sequel to my panties and lip gloss stories: More Than You Bargained For and A Little More (Touch Me).

Also posted here at AO3.

I suspect you don't have to read those to read this one.

Summary: Brendon's parents are going away for the weekend, and they've said he can have a friend to stay over.

Brendon suspects they don't intend him to have sex with Spencer in the guest bedroom while they're gone.

The working title for this was: Return of the Panties, or, The Panties Strike Back.

Teenage Dream
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I have been shockingly bad at keeping on top of things the last couple of months, so I hereby apologise for letting some of these things slide for so long. BUT: podfics.

(I love podfics)

1. Patrick Stump's Strip Joint, or The One Where They're All Strippers Apart From Patrick Who Has Taken Up Handicrafts (Not Like That), read by [ profile] reena_jenkins. [story]
pre-Brendon/Spencer, pre-Pete/Patrick

Summary: The one where they're all (pretty terrible) strippers, Patrick owns the strip joint, and his therapist has suggested he take up a hobby.

2. Consensual Non-Monogamy, or: The One Where Spencer Hates Everybody, read by [ profile] reena_jenkins. [story]
Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie/Jon Walker

Summary: It was all Brendon's fault; he had wowed them all with the idea of orgasms and clearly their dicks had done the rest of the thinking.

GO FORTH. <33333
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Oh my god, it's finally done. It only took five and a half months. As experiments go, posting as a WIP is not for me, this was waaaaaay too much pressure for me to put on myself. It made the long writer's block break in the middle really difficult. Having said that, it was nice to have a story build slowly, so swings and roundabouts.

I've posted parts seventeen and the epilogue simultaneously, for those of you who might feel confused.

Title: The Holiday [complete]
Author: [ profile] sunsetmog
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon Urie / Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17 overall.
Word count: 74,000 (overall)
Warnings: None
Notes: Thank you to [ profile] hermette for the beta. Any remaining errors are my own. For [ profile] ohohstarryeyed.

Further notes can be found in part one. Also posted here at AO3.

Accompanying mix available here.

Inspired by The Holiday. Sort of. Um.

Summary: Brendon and Spencer figure their shit out.

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I have been missing in action, and have therefore been very remiss in not posting about the fact that there is podfic to be had. I apologise for being tardy with this! Real life has been particularly real recently.

ANYWAY. [ profile] jenepel and [ profile] knight_tracer have both recorded versions of the rugby fic, and have released (is released the wrong word? I AM TIRED) them simultaneously.

It is a really interesting project to be involved in, the simultaneous recordings of the same story, and for me what's really interesting is getting to hear the different ways people interpret the same text. Mostly it has me going ♥____♥ at the laptop.

These ladies are both lovely, online and irl, and you should go download and listen to both their versions. ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: You Can Sit Beside Me (When The World Comes Down)
Author: [ profile] sunsetmog
Fandom: Bandom, Panic! At the Disco
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Spencer had barely even heard of rugby when he tried out for the team. It was just a way of killing time until Ryan was done with his stupid school magazine. Helping Ryan sift through the lame emo poetry submissions was only funny the first few times. But their west-coast prep school doesn't play soccer or football, so the rugby team turns out to be the coolest thing around, and suddenly Spencer's the school's most popular player. Then Spencer meets Brendon, and everything changes.
High school rugby AU.

You can find [ profile] jenepel's version here and [ profile] knight_tracer's version here.

And for those people waiting for the last chapter of The Holiday, I can only apologise. RL turned up and wouldn't go away again. Fic is on its way.
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Rec: Caesura by [ profile] fictionalaspect.

Canon-based AU. On the surface, the summer of 2009 for Panic at the Disco! seems to be about getting their collective feet back underneath them as a band and showing the world a united front once more. But Spencer's relationship with Haley self-destructs even as everyone else he knows is happily settling down, and when tour ends he's already sold his condo and suddenly has nowhere to go. He moves in temporarily with Brendon and Sarah and things start to fall apart, even as it becomes obvious as to how they might be able to put themselves back together again. [Brendon/Sarah, Brendon/Sarah/Spencer]

I LOVE THIS STORY. Spencer is so, so fucking broken, which is approximately my favourite thing in the entire universe (so long as there is a happy ending, which there is!) (and no, that's not a spoiler because it's in the tags!), and how he feels for Brendon and Sarah is so mixed up and messed up in his head. Negotiating polyamory is one of my favourite things to read about. This story is SO GOOD. SO GOOD. I basically want to roll around in this verse forever and ever and ever.

I also want to talk about Spencer (or Brendon! I'm easy!) being broken forever. I'm pretty sure that every chat fic / story / half-formulated story in my head I've got going on at the moment is a variant on the one of them is broken / and gets hugs / and less broken theme. Sometimes with additional panties.

Today I got a 23inch monitor at work. That's fucking huge. I went fullscreen on Cityville (shut up) and it was pretty amazing, ngl.
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I interrupt your regularly scheduled Saturday programming to bring you this.

This is, twitter and [ profile] fictionalaspect would lead me to believe, how Brendon asked Shane and Spencer to be his groomsmen:

Be my fucking groomsman?

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Before I forget!

[ profile] fire_juggler has made a podfic of (You're the) Frosting on my Cupcake (LJ | AO3).

Summary: Based loosely on this romance novel blurb: Brendon Urie would call himself an ordinary guy. Spencer Smith would call him stupidly hot, if he weren't about to destroy Brendon's career. A rich, successful journalist and food critic, Spencer aims to write a scathing review of Brendon's little muffin and cupcake shop. He never mixes business with pleasure. But the secrets Brendon's keeping intrigue Spencer, and his naivety has caught Spencer off guard. He's entranced with the little muffin cupcake shop and his neighbour Jon's coffee shop.

What's happened to him? He's being ridiculous! The Christmas-coated town has gone to his head. Spencer's best friend, literary critic Ryan Ross, thinks that the small-town boy has unlocked the city slicker's heart.

...Yeah, this is kind of but not quite that story.

You can find download links at her post here.

And part fourteen of The Holiday is up! I just forgot to post it here. /o\ I think it has two (or possibly three at the most) parts left.

Summary: In which it looks like snow, Avril Lavigne features rather more than Spencer would like, and Brendon has an unfortunate off-screen encounter with a bat.

LJ | AO3.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Monday morning.
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More fic. This part got away from me somewhat, so I've split it into two. Second part to follow in the next couple of days.

Title: The Holiday [13/?]
Author: [ profile] sunsetmog
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon Urie / Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17 overall.
Word count: 3356 (this part)
Warnings (for this part): None
Notes: Thank you to [ profile] hermette for the beta. Any remaining errors are my own. For [ profile] ohohstarryeyed.

Inspired by The Holiday. Sort of. Um.

Summary: In which Brendon and Spencer go for a walk, take pictures, and eat fish and chips. No, really.

Part thirteen: LJ / AO3

(links to previous parts and additional notes within)


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